Healthy Body, Healthy Finances: Is Your Pension in Order?

Posted by Simon Harvey on 09/08/17 08:24 | Post topics Richard Westover

With the Great British summer in full swing and plenty of hot weather to bask in, it’s easy to make healthier choices for your body. Regularly applying sun cream, drinking plenty of water and choosing fresh salads instead of the stodgy comfort foods that get us through the winter all contribute to the maintenance of a healthy body.

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How Richard Westover Prepares His Body For Racing

Posted by Simon Harvey on 26/06/17 09:47 | Post topics Richard Westover

Early-season European races have just begun for Richard Westover. He’s been preparing through consistent training since November with his coach and is eagerly looking forward to proving himself following a serious injury last year.

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How Richard Westover Manages Travel for Training and Racing

Posted by Simon Harvey on 12/06/17 10:09 | Post topics Richard Westover

Travel can be stressful at the best of times. Add in the complication of taking some unusual luggage and the pressure to arrive with plenty of time to spare before jumping back into the massive challenge of a triathlon and it’s clear to see why Richard Westover and his team need to plan so carefully.

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Richard Westover’s Race Plan

Posted by Simon Harvey on 08/05/17 09:59 | Post topics Richard Westover

With the racing season fast approaching, triathlete Richard Westover is stepping up his training and making some serious decisions about the races that he’ll be competing in this year. As proud sponsors of Richard’s athletic career, we can’t wait to see how he performs in the incredible challenges he’s about to undertake.

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