Getting the hump – Australia’s problem with feral camels

Posted by Paul Davies on 25/09/20 15:12

Australia’s historical problem with rabbits is well known. From their importation in 1859 by a British settler simply wanting something to hunt on his land in Victoria, their spread across the entire continent was remarkable for its speed.

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What you need to know about pensions for non-residents in Australia and the UK

Posted by Paul Davies on 25/09/20 14:38

If you are moving between different countries to work, making arrangements to contribute to your retirement fund is a key part of the financial planning process. It’s important to ensure you’re building up a fund to meet your needs in retirement.

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How paying into your UK pension can help you avoid a tax ‘trap’

Posted by Paul Davies on 25/09/20 14:32

UK tax law is among the most complicated in the world. Trying to understand all the allowances, exemptions and tax rates can be a challenge for even the most qualified professionals, and there are ways it can catch you out.

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The pros and cons of buying UK property if you’re an Australian

Posted by Paul Davies on 25/09/20 14:24

One of the decisions that Aussies have to make when they come to the UK to live and work is: should I buy a property?

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The impact of Covid-19 on global markets and the future economic outlook

Posted by Paul Davies on 27/08/20 09:24

It’s very hard to overstate the impact that the Covid-19 virus has had on nations and individuals. Many reporters and analysts have used ‘unprecedented’ to describe the effect it has had, with government-imposed lockdowns resulting in countries coming to a virtual standstill.

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