Transfer deadlines: Do you need to race the clock?

Posted by Simon Barwick on 20/03/17 13:33 | Post topics Australia, Pensions, Superannuation

In a world of ever increasing advertising noise, how often do we hear the words time is running out, act now?  But what happens when there is a legitimate reason to move quickly? How do you decide what is sales spin and what is reality?

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UK Budget Alert - New UK Pension Transfer to QROPS Tax Charge

Posted by Paul Davies on 09/03/17 16:38 | Post topics Australia, United Kingdom, Pensions, QROPS

British expats wanting to transfer their UK private pensions abroad could be hit with a 25% tax charge, as a result of changes announced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK Budget 2017 yesterday.

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Transferring Your Pension to Australia

Posted by Simon Harvey on 01/03/17 09:15 | Post topics Australia, Pensions, QROPS

If you are planning to live, work or retire in Australia you may wish to undertake a pensions transfer, which will move your current UK pension fund savings to an Australian scheme.

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Job-Hunting in Australia for Britons Who Want to Emigrate

Posted by Paul Davies on 30/01/17 08:30 | Post topics Australia, Pensions, QROPS

With an impressively low unemployment rate of just 5.7%, Australia is a popular destination for Brits looking to live and work abroad. The country is renowned for its laidback lifestyle and excellent work-life balance, something which many working professionals are trying to improve upon.

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The Beginning Of Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions (QROPS)

Posted by Simon Harvey on 29/07/09 18:09 | Post topics Immigration, Australia, United Kingdom, Pensions

Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pensions Schemes (QROPS) came into effect with the introduction of Pensions Simplification in the UK. Originally set down in the Finance Act 2004, pensions simplification was introduced in order to remove much of the complication the many different regimes were giving the industry.

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