Offshore Financial Advisers and Investment Bonds, why to be wary of them with your UK Pensions

Posted by Simon Harvey on 20/03/19 13:30 | Post topics Australia, QROPS

For many people exploring their options in relation to their UK pensions, there are important issues to consider, ensuring that your hard-earned pensions are working effectively for you as you progress towards and throughout retirement.

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How Do I Set Up a QROPS SMSF?

Posted by Paul Davies on 01/09/17 16:46 | Post topics Australia, QROPS

If you’re planning to emigrate to Australia (or have already moved), are over the age of 55, and have pension funds in the UK, you will probably be considering the option of setting up a QROPS SMSF.

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Can I leave my pension where it is?

Posted by Paul Davies on 31/07/17 15:33 | Post topics Immigration, Australia, Pensions

For many people, the key financial questions when moving abroad are: Can I leave my pension in the UK, what is a QROPS, and should I transfer my pension overseas?

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Upcoming superannuation changes in Australia

Posted by David Currie on 19/05/17 16:58 | Post topics Australia, Pensions, Superannuation

Do you know if the upcoming superannuation changes in Australia affect you and your UK pension?

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British Pound: Friend or foe?

Posted by David Currie on 10/04/17 10:14 | Post topics Australia, Pensions, QROPS

With the value of the pound having dropped post Brexit, many may be hesitant to exchange their pension into Australian dollars when they transfer it abroad. bdhSterling has a solution to allay such hesitations.

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