Offshore Financial Advisers and Investment Bonds, why to be wary of them with your UK Pensions

Posted by Simon Harvey on 20/03/19 13:30 | Post topics Australia, QROPS

For many people exploring their options in relation to their UK pensions, there are important issues to consider, ensuring that your hard-earned pensions are working effectively for you as you progress towards and throughout retirement.

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How an Overseas Transfer Charge Affects a QROPS Transfer

Posted by Simon Harvey on 12/12/17 16:50 | Post topics QROPS, Overseas Transfer Charge, OTC

If you are thinking about transferring your pension funds into a QROPS you must remember that it may be subject to an Overseas Transfer Charge (OTS). The amount of money being transferred is an important factor in assessing whether a QROPS transfer is the best option for you. Will a QROPS transfer still be viable if it is subject to an OTS?

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Managing your pension funds before transferring to a QROPS?

Posted by Simon Harvey on 31/10/17 09:00 | Post topics QROPS, Pension Transfer

Plan your pension early.

When it comes to pensions transfers, a QROPS (Qualifying Overseas Pension Scheme) is sometimes the perfect option., However, this option is only available in the right circumstances. If you are looking to transfer your UK pensions to Australia (for example), you are not allowed to transfer pension funds into a QROPS in Australia until you reach the age of 55.

In circumstances where your UK pension funds are rem

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Healthy Body, Healthy Finances: Is Your Pension in Order?

Posted by Simon Harvey on 09/08/17 08:24 | Post topics Richard Westover

With the Great British summer in full swing and plenty of hot weather to bask in, it’s easy to make healthier choices for your body. Regularly applying sun cream, drinking plenty of water and choosing fresh salads instead of the stodgy comfort foods that get us through the winter all contribute to the maintenance of a healthy body.

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Which Pension Funds Can I Not Transfer into a QROPS?

Posted by Simon Harvey on 04/08/17 09:03 | Post topics QROPS

If you are planning to retire abroad, you will no doubt be in the process of making the necessary financial arrangements for any pensions transfers, and considering the various options presented to you in the process.

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