Transfer deadlines: Do you need to race the clock?

Posted by Simon Barwick on 20/03/17 13:33 | Post topics Australia, Pensions, Superannuation

In a world of ever increasing advertising noise, how often do we hear the words time is running out, act now?  But what happens when there is a legitimate reason to move quickly? How do you decide what is sales spin and what is reality?

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Brexit: Avoiding The Bees . . .

Posted by Simon Barwick on 30/06/16 01:00

What a tumultuous week it’s been. It is amazing how quickly seismic political change can happen; whether it be the final days of the Berlin Wall coming down, the end of Communist Russia or now Brexit. Not since the GFC have markets had to deal with such uncertainty, driven by the political and economic unknown of what a Brexit actually means. For some, the uncertainty creates opportunity; for others, it creates fear. 

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How Does The Budget Affect My UK Pension Transfer?

Posted by Simon Barwick on 30/07/15 01:00

Simon Barwick, Managing Director and Authorised Representative, bdhSterling.

The recent Budget announcements by the Federal Government will be of particular interest to those clients who have either transferred a UK pension fund, are in the middle of a phased UK pension transfer, or are currently considering a UK pension transfer. The following is a summary of the announcements that relate to the UK pension transfers, and Non-Concessional Contributions more broadly. 

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