Upcoming superannuation changes in Australia

Posted by David Currie on 19/05/17 15:58 | Post topics Australia, Pensions, Superannuation

Do you know if the upcoming superannuation changes in Australia affect you and your UK pension?

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Richard Westover’s Race Plan

Posted by Simon Harvey on 08/05/17 08:59 | Post topics Richard Westover

With the racing season fast approaching, triathlete Richard Westover is stepping up his training and making some serious decisions about the races that he’ll be competing in this year. As proud sponsors of Richard’s athletic career, we can’t wait to see how he performs in the incredible challenges he’s about to undertake.

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Why do I have to use a QROPS specialist?

Posted by Simon Harvey on 05/05/17 08:24 | Post topics QROPS

If you are thinking of transferring your pension into a QROPS, then it would be beneficial for you to consult a QROPS specialist.

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What happens to my pension if I return to the UK?

Posted by Paul Davies on 03/05/17 10:51 | Post topics QROPS, Pension Transfer

Although it is a good idea to plan for the future, no one can ever be one hundred per cent certain that everything in life will go according to plan. So, if you decide to make a pension transfer out of the UK and into a QROPS, you still have the option to transfer back to the UK in the future.

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The questions you need to ask your pension provider

Posted by Simon Harvey on 24/04/17 10:00 | Post topics Pensions, Personal Finances, QROPS

If you are planning to retire outside the UK then you may benefit from transferring your UK pension to a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) from your current UK pension provider.

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